Our Trainers


ComSafe’s training is delivered by Fire and Rescue NSW professional Firefighters, specifically trained and equipped to deliver contextualised training.

We have a diverse team of highly qualified and experienced Trainers, engaged as much for their qualifications as for their passion, professionalism and dedication to provide comprehensive training solutions in accordance with best practice, Work Health & Safety Legislation, Australian Standards 3745-2010 and 4083-2010 and Training Package Rules.

Our Trainers deliver practical workplace emergency response and technical training by combining their own emergency management experience with simulated emergency scenarios. They are great facilitators with the aim of developing participants who have the self-confidence and knowledge to apply their skills to safely prepare, prevent and respond in emergency situations.

All staff need to undergo a thorough accreditation process, and our ongoing quality monitoring systems ensure that they are continually improving the quality and consistency of our programs.