Workplace emergency response products

Every organisation needs an effective emergency management program to ensure the safety and welfare of occupants during emergencies, and ongoing compliance with best practice and legislative requirements.  ComSafe offers a range of Products and Services to help clients meet the requirements of WHS legislation, Australian Standards  and importantly enhance safety, quality of life and confidence by minimising the impact of hazards and emergency incidents on the people, environment and economy of NSW. 

Standard workplace response products

Caps and Tabards

Caps and Tabards
  • Cap - Chief Warden $22.00
  • Cap - Deputy Warden $22.00
  • Cap - Area Warden $22.00
  • Cap - Floor Warden $22.00
  • Cap - Warden $22.00
  • Tabard - Chief Warden $49.50
  • Tabard - Deputy Warden $49.50
  • Tabard - Communications $49.50
  • Tabard - Area or Floor Warden $49.50
  • Tabard - First Aid $49.50

Posters & Pocket Cards

Posters & Pocket Cards
  • A4 RACE-Stnd. Fire Orders $3.80
  • A4 RACE-Kindergartens & Child Care Centres $3.80
  • A4 RACE-Emergency Procedures for Spills/Leaks of Hazardous Materials $3.80
  • A4/A3 Fire Extinguisher Selection Chart $3.80
  • A3 - Fire Extinguisher Selection Chart $6.80
  • A4 Hardboard Fire Extinguisher Selection Chart (hard board) $11.90
  • Pocket Fire Extinguisher Selection Card $3.20
  • Pocket Hazmat Info Card $3.20

Generic Emergency Procedures Flipchart

Generic Emergency Procedures Flipchart
  • AS 3745-2010 $25.77
  • AS 4083-2010 $25.77
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ComSafe Services

ComSafe has a wealth of knowledge in the fire, emergency and safety industry and can assist you with consultation and resources on all emergency related issues. At ComSafe we know the importance of delivering up-to-date information and services which can help those who are exposed to fire and emergency situations. All our services are carried out by highly skilled and experienced professional Fire & Rescue NSW, operational Firefighters, who are trained to assist businesses in meeting their requirements.

Professional services

Our range of services include:

  • Consultation Services
  • Tailored Flip Charts
  • AS3745-2010 Gap Analysis Compliance Audit
  • Team Building Experiences – Firefighter for a Day
  • FRNSW Structural Uniforms  (Pant, Trouser, Helmet, Gloves)
  • FRNSW Appliance/Truck
  • Hose
  • Standby duties for Event Management