This program offers the best value for money, as the HealthCare Combo,  ensures your Emergency Coordinators (Chief Wardens) through to Emergency Officers (Wardens) are trained in emergency preparedness, evacuation and first attack firefighting.

The Wardens & First Attack Firefighting program is a great introduction to Fire Safety, theory and practical. The program is designed to equip the ECO members with the knowledge and skills required to effectively perform the duties and safely evacuate the workplace in the event of an emergency.

ComSafe will provide training across a range of emergencies such as; personal threat, bomb threat, fire, chemical incidents, medical and many more. 

The program will provide redundancy within your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Warden structure by training all staff to the highest level, whereby your organisation can then designate specific roles to staff who will have a comprehensive understanding of your emergency structure.  It equips participants with the skills required to take action and safely lead an evacuation of the workplace in the event of an emergency, enhancing skills in emergency prevention, preparedness and recovery.

 Also catering for those engaged in after hours work, where staffing numbers are low and where there may be a requirement to take action in relation to emergency incidents.

The First Attack Firefighting component of this program introduces you to the various types of portable firefighting equipment commonly found in work environments (extinguishers, hose reels, fire blankets). Participants are provided with the required knowledge to be able to correctly identify and select the most suitable first attack firefighting equipment.  The practical aspects of the training include the correct and safe use and operation of a fire extinguisher under simulated live fire conditions and demonstration of a fire blanket.